Water Damaged Cars Flooding the Market!

Water Damaged Cars Flooding the Market!

Avoid buying water damaged cars or “flood cars” which are sure to hit the market soon if they haven’t already. Have you ever seen flooded cars on television and wondered what happened to them after the water receded?

The sad fact is that many of them will end up with “For Sale” signs on them on street corners and used car lots. Nearly all of these cars should be considered total losses never to be driven again but some less than honest car dealers will see an opportunity to turn a quick buck at your expense.

Knowing that the water damaged cars are out there is one thing but how can you tell which ones they are after they’ve been spiffed up and detailed? Luckily there are some things to look for when buying a used car that can identify which ones were underwater.

Electronics Hate Water

The latest models of vehicles, with all their computer chips and electrical systems, provide comfort and efficient operation of the motor but these systems will not do well when submerged at all let alone a solid week. CD players may possibly dry out but may have suffered permanent damage that you won’t be able to detect right away. There is a possibility that something electrical is not going to function correctly after being submerged for any length of time so you should test as many electrical features as possible before making a purchase.

Above all, this is fundamental when it comes to safety features. As usual a new car relies heavily on electronics and replacing or fixing any part of the electrical system can be horribly expensive. This is why it’s so essential for you to test the electrical system of a used vehicle thoroughly before you sign any papers or give anyone money.

Don’t buy water damaged cars because hidden water damage can leave unseen safety hazards.