Water Damaged Car Fraud

Unhappy used car shoppers are finding out horrible information after purchasing used cars. They are learning that their cars have been damaged in floods and they didn’t realize it before purchasing the car itself.
Here are some tips that can help you to escape being stuck with a vehicle that has many hidden repairs needed which can cost you much more than you planned on spending when you purchased that used vehicle.

A water-damaged car is something that can be much easier to hide than it is to repair, that is the reason you need to inspect in hidden areas to determine if the used car you are considering to buy might have flood damage.

Inside the car the first thing you should do is to give the car a good test. Many car dealers use odor but see if you can detect a rotten tinge to the air that would be a definitely warning sign.

Moreover touch the carpet of the car, many times a water-damaged car may have water trapped under the carpet that remains there and is not detected. When inspecting the carpet, note if it is new. If the car is an older one, make sure you ask the sales person why the new carpet was installed in the car and have the answer documented if you buy the car in case you need to refer to that conversation due to a complaint you have after purchasing.

Another point to examine while you are still on the floor of the car is the brake and gas pedals. You will want to look under the pedals to see if there are any signs of wear from water including rust. Also check the bolts and screws under the seats as well.

If you have been sold a water-damaged car and you don’t know what to do, it’s better to turn to a good dealer fraud lawyer for legal help.