VIN Etching Scams

VIN Etching Scams

VIN etching scams practised by dealers are another way of increasing dealership`s profit. Let`s reveal how they work.

Car dealers offer customers to engrave car`s VIN (Vehicle Identification number) with a stencil and a special etching paste onto the windows and windshield. It`s stated that window etching helps car owners to avoid being robbed. The value of VIN etching as a countermeasure to vehicle theft is not backed up by any statistics. In spite of this dealers are routinely including fees for window etching in a car purchase contract. Presumably, charging consumers for this is a way to augment dealers` income at the time of the sale.

In case you really need VIN etching you can do it yourself buying a special kit for $20 at any auto parts store. If you have a car shop to do it for you it will actually cost you less than $100. But the dealers amazingly price VIN etching much higher up to $800. And if you are buying a car on credit you should pay the interest rate for this charge too. Can you imagine how much VIN etching option eventually costs the customer? So, it`s a pure rip-off.

VIN etching scams can be handled by dealers in a number of different ways. For instance, a car dealer can offer VIN etching as an alternative form of auto alarm and charge the customer for it. Alternately, a car dealer may present VIN etching as a warranty. In many cases, car dealers include this option on the bill of sale stating that it is required. Not many customers facing this scam will guess that they can opt-out.

A qualified dealer fraud attorney can protect consumers from dealership`s rip-offs including VIN etching scams. If you need help feel free to contact professional lawyer Hovanes Margarian and receive legal advice.