Don’t Become a Victim of Auto Dealer Fraud

Don’t Become a Victim of Auto Dealer Fraud


Not every car dealer rips you off. Some of them earn their dollars honestly. But nowadays salesmen are very experienced and aggressive; thus if you planned to buy a new vehicle this year, you’d rather know beforehand what you’re doing so that to avoid auto dealer fraud .

You need to be an educated and assertive consumer. You need to do a lot of research online and not only so that not to become a victim of car dealer scams. You have to be ready to head a showroom just in few hours.

There are the following car dealer scams;

A Bait and Switch Scam

If you see in the advertisement that a vehicle has a very low price which seems to you too good to be true, then try to find in that ad a line in which you can hear or read these words “Only one is left with this price!”. This means that if you go to the dealership, you will be told that the vehicle has been sold, or the vehicle will look so bad that you won’t have a wish too buy it. In this case the dealer will offer you another one with a higher price. Thus you’ve been baited with a low price and switched to a vehicle with a higher price. So be aware not to become a victim of auto dealer fraud.

Dealer Add-On Scam

Dealer can make an additional profit by adding dealer addendum stick in the window of the vehicle, next to the manufacturer’s official stick. In this new stick you will see the information about add-on like; paint sealant, pinstripes, an alarm system and so on. In this way the dealer adds hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. In the result, in spite of the fact that the vehicle was a hot-selling model, there is a probability for a consumer to become affected by car dealer scams .

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