Car Buying Scams: Certified Used Vehicle Program

Car Buying Scams: Certified Used Vehicle Program

Car buying scams are everywhere, and customers must know how to watch out for them especially when buying a certified vehicle.

Certain manufacturers and dealers are carrying out certified used vehicle program which allows them to sell used cars for a premium. Before a used car is termed “certified” it must undergo an inspection. It is done to assure customers that the car is in a good condition. But just because a car is certified it doesn`t mean that it should be free from the problems which consumers usually encounter with any other used car, such as a previous major frame, lemon law buyback, fire or flood damage, prior rental etc.

Some manufacturers may offer addition benefits with the certified used cars. They include:

  • comprehensive warranty (3 -12 month)
  • extension of the powertrain (transmission, engine and drive train) warranty
  • 160-point quality assurance inspection
  • favourable interest rates when financing with the dealer

Used vehicles can be certified by auto dealer either. Under Vehicle Code sale of car as certified are prohibited when

  • The odometer was rolled back or the mileage of the car is unknown
  • Car manufacturer has reacquired it under federal or state warranty law
  • The car title contains designation like «salvage», «lemon law buyback», «flood» or a similar one.
  • The car is sold «as is»
  • Term «certified» can be applied to a vehicle in a manner that is misleading or untrue. In this case, it`s listed among car buying scams.

Ways to avoid certified used car buying scams.

  • Always ask a dealer to see full maintenance history including vehicle`s inspection and repair checklist. This will show which car defects were fixed.
  • Check a vehicle history – this will show whether the car was involved in accidents or recalls and notify of any major repairs.
  • Have the car inspected by an individual mechanic. During the examination, the mechanic can tell you the information about prior accidents or recalls in a matter of minutes.

Buying a certified used car which was repaired or rebuilt from frame damage, fire or flood or which has been termed a “lemon“ in the past can be very costly to consumers. If they encountered one of these car buying scams can pursue a lawsuit against auto dealer which concealed important information related to the used car. At the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian, we are ready to protect your rights.