Considering a Vehicle History Report Before Buying

If you are buying a used car then the first thing you should consider is a vehicle history report. It is a document which provides you with the whole information you need about car’s history. This enables you to take a close look at the car’s past performances and consider its usability for the future.

Why is vehicle history report important?

Purchasing a car requires a good deal of budget, so you should make sure that the car is worth the money paid. Vehicle history report reduces the risk of becoming a car dealer fraud victim. While looking through used car history, pay an utmost attention to these details:

  • Does the car have any previous accident records?
  • Has any natural disaster cause damage to the car?
  • Does the car got any junked or salvaged titles?
  • Is the odometer showing the right results?
  • Has anyone used the car as a taxi, a rental or a lease vehicle?
  • Has the car ever got a lemon history?

This information is really valuable while purchasing a car. If any of these points won’t prevent you from buying a certain car, then it can at least prove to be a big thing in deciding the price of the car.

How to get a vehicle history report?

For getting a vehicle history report you just need to know the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN number) of the car. With this number, you can contact local motor vehicle administration and order the vehicle history report. There are also online services providing vehicle history reports but I can’t say how reliable they are.

Is vehicle history report enough for buying a used car?

I guess no! Vehicle history report is a powerful tool for lowering the risk of dealer fraud, but it is not enough. So before buying a used car always ask a mechanic to inspect the vehicle. Do not forget to insist on a test drive.