Vehicle History Report Nondisclosure

Vehicle History Report Nondisclosure

Vehicle history report nondisclosure involves hiding the real vehicle history report from the potential vehicle purchaser in order to conceal several unpleasant facts about the car’s previous use. When a person enters a dealership and likes a car it is quite natural for him to ask to see the vehicle history report. A potential car buyer can pay some money online and get access to the databases of Autochek or CarFax that will provide full and reliable vehicle history reports. A scrupulous car dealer may offer the actual customer to run their own vehicle history report which, unfortunately for the customer, may involve limited or even false information about the car.

Checking a vehicle history is an indispensable part of a car purchase process. A car buyer needs to do that for several vital reason, here they are:

  • Odometer Rollback

We have talked much about this unlawful practice of selling a car by tampering its odometer readings. This is done to conceal the actual mileage of the vehicle and to show that the car is worth buying. Sometimes, it is really hard to detect odometer fraud as such, so it is highly advisable to turn to the help of a vehicle history report where the last readings of the odometer are mentioned.

  • Salvage vehicles

Salvage title vehicles may travel long distances from one state to another to be sold to unsuspecting buyers. So, salvage title fraud is rather hard to detect, either. It is obvious that no one is eager to buy a previously flooded, wrecked or damaged car and here again, comes the vehicle history report that gives full disclosure of the product’s previous life.

  • Rental cars

It is believed that rental cars and taxi cabs bear more excessive wear and tear on them than common pre-owned vehicles; the reason is that the drivers do not treat them as their own cars. Very often, dealers practice a fraud called non-disclosure of the car’s rental use. To avoid this scam people can again turn to either CarFax or Autocheck for vehicle history reports.

We hope that the description of the above examples has proved how dangerous the Vehicle history report nondisclosure is. If you or someone you love has suffered such fraud, turn to an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney.