Vehicle Frame Damage: Useful Tips To Avoid it.

Vehicle Frame Damage: Useful Tips To Avoid it.

The frame of the vehicle is something that holds the main car parts together on a single basis. Though there are nowadays cars that have a unibody structure, however cars with the traditional frame structure are still quite common.

The modern unibody structures bear several crucial car parts on them like A, B, and C vehicle pillars, window frames, the windscreen and much more.

The damage of any of the above mentioned car parts may be considered frame damage.

Frame damage may be caused by different factors and it may make the car either inoperable or very hard to handle.

According to the experts, if the car has undergone frame damage, it is already too risky for the car owner to drive it. That’s the reason why in many states vehicles with such damage are considered to be salvaged or wrecked. Cars like that lose their purchase price significantly.

Unfortunately, there are some auto dealers who sell frame damaged cars to unsuspecting car buyers without proper disclosure. They do this to gain extra profit form their car deals.

However, it is clearly stated in the CA law that every car dealer must inform the car buyer about the details of the car condition in writing. It is against the law to sell or advertise a vehicle as certified when in reality the car is not in proper condition or it is damaged.

If the dealership fails to obey the above laws, the consumer is entitled to remedies.

The number one thing to look for in order to avoid structural or frame damage is to ask for a CarFax vehicles history report. Here you have to review it carefully and in much detail.

Another useful tip to avoid auto dealer fraud is to have the car inspected by a certified auto mechanic.

If you have been sold a car with previous frame damage, you can contact the CA based law firm of Hovanes Margarian.