Detecting Fake Vehicle Escrow Scam

Buying the car of your dreams with much lower price than it usually costs seems a great job, though at first sight. People very often turn to the help of escrow services while buying or selling cars. The use of such services is a convenient solution of the problem for both sides, as they may save time and consequently money, as time is money. But there is a risk to fall a victim of vehicle escrow scam.

Everything seems really effective until they face to the main problem. Such vehicle escrow websites ”walk” hand in hand with their fake ones. So it becomes really difficult to distinguish between the fake escrow services and the real ones. So what to do in order to avoid vehicle escrow scam?  Actually there are some tips which may help you to find the right one. Let’s see which they are.

  • The first thing that catches people’s attention immediately is the amusingly lower price of the vehicle. Human beings are amazing creatures. They believe in miracles at whatever age they are. So why not to buy that hot car with the hottest price? But the magic disappears as soon as the money is transferred to the fake escrow website, from where it is transferred out to another location and vanishes.
  • The second tip which may also strike one’s eye is the generous FREE shipping of the vehicle across the USA.
  • Another thing which should arrest your attention is the format of the email they send to you. The email usually starts with ”Dear Sir or Madam” without real names because the email is automated. So be attentive when getting such emails.
  • But that is not all. One of the most important things is that they ask you to send the money through Western Union, MoneyGram or other Cash-based money transfer services that cannot be traced. Be careful and always use a bank to transfer funds.
  • The fact is that fake escrow websites generally look so like to real websites and have such convincing names as and So the trustworthy domain is not a guarantee of security.

All in all, it is difficult to avoid every unpleasant thing. So if you are in trouble because of a  vehicle escrow scam, don’t lose your head. You may turn to the help of The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian and make a claim against the counterfeit.

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