The Dealer Lied about the Vehicle Condition

vehicle conditionOne of the forms of auto fraud that is widely used by car dealers is the misrepresenting the true vehicle condition. The dealer may tell the customer that the vehicle is in excellent condition and the customers believe this just because the vehicle is cosmetically clean and mechanically sound. Unfortunately, this is not always the truth. Be extra cautious if the vehicle you intend to buy comes without a warranty or “as is.”

Vehicles that have been wrecked, declared a total loss by an insurance company, or rebuilt have a salvage title. The title of the vehicle must disclose that the vehicle is salvage. Car dealers must disclose any salvage history to the buyers. The price of a salvaged vehicle is generally much less than an equivalent non-salvaged vehicle. Salvaged vehicles may have major safety defects depending on how well it was rebuilt.

There are vehicles that have been wrecked and rebuilt, but were not declared a total loss by an insurance company. These types of vehicles are much harder to identify because they do not carry the salvage title.

Avoid this dealer fraud by having the vehicle you intend to buy inspected by a mechanic and/or an auto body repairperson before you buy it. Always get a vehicle history report. You can get summary title reports from: Carfax ( and AutoCheck (

If you believe you are a victim of vehicle condition nondisclosure fraud, you should contact a dealer fraud attorney.