Usual Car Dealer Scams

car dealer scams, dealer fraud, car dealersMost car dealer scams are very well hidden and in order not to be tricked you must really understand the car selling game from the inside in.

You should start protecting yourself against car dealer scams even before you enter the dealership. First of all you should do some research to get information about the car you are interested in. Try to narrow down your choices and then find out the average cost that car sells for. Often car dealers try to talk you into the car deal that benefits him the most. It will be much easier for the dealer to do so if you don’t have this information.

One of the most common car dealer scams is to start negotiations high. In this case start your negotiations with a low bid, even lower than you need to pay. Show the dealer that you are familiar with cars available and you have an understanding of the cost. This way you will be able to purchase the car in an acceptable mid-range.

One more trick to be aware of is getting you to pay more by purchasing different add-ons and extras. The car dealer may offer you a great deal on a vehicle of your choice. However, later the dealer may add to the deal a lot of overpriced extras. These extras include dealer warranties, special insurance plans and paint sealants and can mean thousands in profits for the dealer.

Remember that dealer fraud is something you can protect yourself against. By simply understanding the way car dealers make money and the car dealer scams they use you can save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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