What is Improper Certification of Used Cars?

Improper certification of used cars is a type of auto dealer fraud that involves advertising or selling cars as certified when in reality they are not. Another scenario of improper certification of the cars is that the dealer advertises the cars as certified when in fact the certification process was not done correctly and thoroughly.

A certified used car can never be sold on an “as is” basis or without at least a service contract present with it.

Used car certification is something that guarantees a car’s high quality and reliability. That’s the reason why certified used cars are sold at higher prices than the non-certified pre-owned ones.

The dealerships use a certain used car certification program to certify the vehicles. Trade-in and previously leased cars usually undergo this process.

The program of pre-owned car certification gives both the manufacturers and the customers high privileges, as the manufacturers benefit from selling their used and previously owned cars and the customers benefit from buying used but at the same time reliable cars.

The dealerships perform an inspection of the cars to be able to give them the title of “certified cars”, though there are no legally set criteria for the car to be certified.

Most dealerships set a 100 point scale for ranking the cars. But the points are not the most important here. The customers should pay more attention to the vital systems and car parts checked or omitted.

After a certification, an extended warranty or a crevice contract is sold with the car. The warranty’s price is not included in the vehicle’s purchase price, so the buyers will have to pay for both. However, successful negotiations will give them the chance to get the best deal.

To be able to avoid improper certification of used cars, you must see what concrete certification program your dealership has used. Also, ask them to see the results and the paperwork including statements about the certification type and the overall process.

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