How to read the used car history report

How to read the used car history report

Analyzing used car history is very important for every car buyer. Whether you are buying a used car from a dealer or a private seller, you should know about your car as much as you can. This will enable you to estimate the current status of the car and decide upon your choice. There might be some hidden information on car previous problems that can impair its usability and car owner’s safety.

Checking a used car history before buying it enables the buyer not to overpay for the car looked for buying. Here are some things that should be considered before buying a car:

a)      Previous owners- if the car has been driven more, it is likely to have some problems. For example, rental cars and former taxies can be priced considerably lower due to the mileage on the odometer and other technical problems;

b)      Systematic maintenance- those cars that are regularly serviced cost more and last longer. Regular maintenance will help you find the place where the car has been serviced and find the records on repairs and maintenance work;

c)      Correspondence– be careful while looking at the car and reading its history. There are many times when you can be given a history of another car with different details. Car history report can provide you with details like the color and engine type of the car. You can compare these parameters and other details provided by the report for being sure that you are buying a car with a right description of details. VIN (vehicle identification number) cloning, for example, is the type of vehicle fraud, which uses the VIN of another car for masking the identity of a similar model stolen car;

d)     Suspicious remarks– when you inspect something suspicious in the car and not included in the report, that might indicate a prior accident. Thus, you need to be attentive and careful while looking at the car.

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