Used Car Dealer Scams

Used Car Dealer Scams

Of course, there are a lot of car dealers with high integrity who are interested in making you a good deal, but the fact is used car dealer scams do happen and must be aware of car dealers who will do anything to earn as much money as possible. Knowing the several tips introduced in this article will help you protect yourself from used car dealer scams.

1. “This offer is only good today.” This is one of the most commonly used dealer tricks. The truth is the car dealer wants you to buy today because they are afraid if you go home and think about it you will start to see that the deal is not so great.

2. A good deal might turn out to be not as good by the end. This scam happens when the dealer makes you a great deal on the cost of the used car and later adds to the deal a bunch of overpriced extras. This way the salesman makes more profit than you think. Avoid this scam by refusing all extras offered by the dealer.

3. Remember that the salesman is interested in getting you to purchase as soon as possible. If you feel uncertain about the vehicle then don’t buy.

4. Always negotiate! Keep in mind that the first offer of the dealer will be high. Start negotiating low. This way you can meet in the middle at an acceptable price.

Used car dealer scams happen every day, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a victim. Be informed and you will be able to walk away with a great deal.