5 Used Car Buying Scams

5 Used Car Buying Scams

Used car buying scams do happen! In fact they are very common. Used car dealers are master negotiators and are good trained on different sales tricks, tactics and strategies.

If you intend to buy a used car you should go to the dealership being well prepared, so that the car dealer is not able to talk you into a car deal you are not happy with. Here are some of the most common used car buying scams you should be aware of.

1. The deal won’t last – This is a very commonly dealer tactic. When the car dealer feels that you are about to leave the dealership he will most likely tell you that the deal will not be available tomorrow. However, the truth is the car dealer will be happy to sell you a car tomorrow as well.

2. Extras – Dealers make most of their profit on extras. A salesperson may offer you a great deal on the vehicle and later sell a number of over-priced extras. Avoid this car scam by refusing all extras.

3. Rushing the customer to the sale – Most salesman want you to rush to purchase so they can move on to the next customer. Do not sign any documents if you are not sure about the deal.

4. Behind the scenes tactic – During the negotiation process you will probably meet with the manager and the salesman will excuse himself to talk with a manager behind the scenes. This is not always a bad thing but you should still be careful.

5. Bring a car expert with you – It is always useful to bring a knowledgeable friend or a spouse with you to the dealership, who could help you during the negotiation process.