5 Tips for Buying a Used Car in California

5 Tips for Buying a Used Car in California

You think used car buying in California is easy? Well, be sure that there is a high risk to become a victim of auto dealer fraud if you are not careful enough. So, what you can do to avoid getting ripped-off? I would suggest looking at these 5 buying tips for used cars:

  1. Determine how much money you are going to pay for the car

Of course, vehicles can have completely different prices, but still, used car buying is a big thing to do. You need to think it all over carefully. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much money I earn monthly and how much I can afford to pay the auto loan?
  • What modifications am I going to make to my vehicle and how much money I am going to spend?
  • How much fuel I might need?
  • How much money I am going to pay for car insurance?

It’s important to know your monthly expenses before buying the car to avoid financial problems later on.

  1. Choose a car and do some research

You might have already liked a few vehicles. Make sure you research them to see which ones are more suitable for you to buy. In order to get more information about the vehicle in question, you can do the following:

  • Visit the dealership or manufacturer website and see what they say about the vehicle
  • Visit other websites to see what independent writers or car owners say about the vehicle

Also, it is important to make sure that the vehicle you liked is available in your area. As soon as it is, print out information and details about it and then prepare to visit the dealership.

  1. Find financing for used car buying on your own

There is one more thing to do BEFORE you go to the dealership and it is finding financing for your car loan on your own. Dealers do not only sell vehicles, they also make money on vehicle financing since they receive special payments for making car loans possible. Also, sometimes they can play rather harsh tricks on those people who have low credit scores or a not so good credit history.

You can opt out from financing with the dealership. Choose to finance your vehicle either through a bank or a credit company instead. If you have got a very bad credit history, you might as well consider waiting a little bit and purchasing a vehicle when you have enough cash to do so.

  1. Test drive the vehicle as soon as you are in the dealership

Test driving a vehicle does not only mean enjoying it on the road for some 10-20 minutes, it also means inspecting the vehicle as much as possible from both inside and outside. When test driving the vehicle, make sure you experiment with the seats and all the controls. Be careful if you hear odd noises from any part of the vehicle. Also, look check the odometer for signs of odometer rollback. Learn more about it in our article Many Faces of Odometer Fraud. If you think there is nothing suspicious with the vehicle, just relax and try to determine whether it is comfortable for you or not.

  1. It is possible to negotiate a used car price in California

You have done a great research on the vehicle, right? Then go ahead and start negotiating your car price. It is always easier to negotiate a used car price since as soon as resold the car price drops down considerably. Remember, you can always add things and accessories to your vehicle whenever you want at lower prices. This is to confirm that you do not need to buy add-ons when used car buying.

Here you are, 5 useful tips that will help transform your used car buying experience into something really fun and more importantly safe. By following these simple tips, you will be able to increase your chances of not getting cheated by the dealer or the tricky salespeople out there. If you have got a used car, feel free to tell us your story. We would be glad to hear how you managed it all. Share this article with your friends.