The Sale of Unfixed Recalled Vehicles Banned in NY

The latest news headlines are full of vehicle recall notices with the General Motors ignition switch heading the list. Then, safety on the road has become a top priority for federal regulators.

The New York City officials have announced that used car dealers must repair recalled cars before selling them. New York City Department of Consumer Affairs is carrying out an investigation of nearly 200 used car dealerships. This is to find evidence, which incriminates dealerships for marketing potentially unsafe cars and failing to report consumers that active recalls affect the vehicles.

Commissioner Julie Menin of the Consumer Affairs Department has stated, that they are not going to sit on our hands and wait for fatalities to oblige. “dealers repair these ticking time bombs”.

Federal law prohibits car dealerships to sell new cars with recalled parts. The Big Apple’s law obliges dealers to certify that the vehicles they sell are «roadworthy». According to the Consumer Affairs Department, unrepaired recalled vehicles cannot be deemed «roadworthy».

The new rule is the first of its kind adopted by any major city in the U.S. It requires car dealer to repair sold cars. It means that New Yorkers who bought cars with unrepaired recalled parts in one of 800 second-hand dealerships can bring them back. Thus they will have defective parts replaced or repaired.

New Yorkers are not alone in worrying about unrepaired recalled vehicles and the potential danger they create to drivers, passengers, and pedestrian. This issue is also on the agenda for other public- and private-sector consumer advocacy groups across the U.S. One of them is Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (Sacramento, CA). As stated by its president Rosemary Shahan CARS is petitioning federal regulators to ban the sale of used vehicles without performing a repair.

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