Two Dealer Tricks to avoid

dealer tricks to avoid

In this article, I am going to tell you about two dealer tricks to avoid. Auto dealers are sometimes ready to cheat car buyers playing various tricks on them. You can avoid being ripped off by just educating yourself with the right information. Remember, always enter a dealership well-prepared.

The first dealer scam

The first dealer scam/trick we would like to warn you about is the so-called “car financing scam”. This trick is usually played on people with bad credit scores. The scenario is the following; you will sign up all the finance documents and take the car home without waiting until the approval of loan. Approximately two weeks later, the dealer will call you back to inform that your credit score was not a good one and you need to add some money on the interest rate so that to qualify for the loan approval, otherwise you will have to return the vehicle. Of course, in most of the cases people do not want to get separated from their new car, so they agree to pay that extra money.

In order to avoid a trick like this, you should know your credit score well enough to calculate whether the loan will get approval or not. Besides, you had better not turn to the dealership for car financing. You can opt to turn to a bank or a credit union to help you handle the financing of your car purchase.

The second dealer trick

The second dealer trick to avoid is the “dealer preparation scam.” The dealer will try to charge you nearly $500 for several preparatory services on your brand new vehicle before you can drive it home. The aforementioned services may involve removing the plastic from the seats of the car, vacuuming the car, etc. However, the thing is that the manufacturer already have covered the costs of those services. Hence, if the dealer charges you money for dealer preparations, they are making extra money on your ignorance.

These are two different dealer tricks to avoid when buying a vehicle from a dealership. Share your ideas and experiences with us below.