What are the Tricks practiced by Car Dealers? (part 1)

car dealer tricks

There are both honest and dishonest car dealers in the car sales industry. One may encounter numerous car dealer tricks and scams when shopping for a car. Unfortunately, not all vehicle purchasers notice those tricks and scams. As a result, there are thousands of people who get fooled and ripped-off. With this article I am going to introduce you to some common dealer tricks that you should be aware about as a car buyer.

  • Pre-installed Accessories

You may have already heard about the so called “Add-ons scam” when the salespeople make the buyer purchase unnecessary add-ons and accessories with the vehicle. The trick with pre-installed accessories is a similar one; moreover, it is more aggressive. The dealer installs some accessories on a late model luxury vehicle without preliminarily asking the potential buyer about it. The buyer is then obliged to buy the car with those accessories at much higher a price.

  • The Advertisement Trick

Of course, there are different advertisement tricks that car dealers use to practice, but this one is special. The uniqueness of this trick is that it almost always brings good results to the dealer. The scenario is the following: the dealership puts an advertisement in the local newspaper or in their website. The advertised vehicle is usually an old and a stripped down car that nobody would be eager to buy. However, the car’s price is so low that many people rush to the dealership to see the car. Here, the salesperson usually lures the buyer with another car that is in a better condition and that certainly costs higher.

The trick here is that the dealer tries to do their best to make people visit their showroom. As soon as the potential buyer is in the showroom, the dealer knows how to make them buy a car.

  • Credit Score Trick

The dealer tells the potential buyer that they do not qualify for the loan as they have got a low credit score. The buyer is then made to pay higher interest rates.

In order to avoid being defrauded, one should enter a dealership informed. Know what kind of a vehicle you are going to buy, know the average prices of the cars you like, do not fall for false advertisements, leave the showroom whenever you feel like being forced into a deal, know your credit score so that the dealer cannot cheat you.

If you have been a victim of any of the car dealer tricks mentioned above, you can turn to a good auto dealer fraud lawyer for legal help.