trade-in priceOn the transaction, one of the biggest profit source for the dealer is considered to be the trade-in price being offered to you. Before trading in a vehicle consumers try to get information from the Kelly Blue Book and web sites to help them determine the price of the used vehicle. However, it is very difficult to to determine the value of the trade in vehicle and most consumer are willing to accept a lower trade-in price than what the vehicle is actually worth. This is when the dealers use their tricks to scam the consumers. The dealer knows that when the consumer is tempted to buy that new car his/her resistance has pretty well been lowered and he/she is more likely to accept a bad deal in the trade. Most car dealers will make you believe that they are actually providing a service to you by buying your old car. The best way to avoid a scam with your trade-in is to negotiate your trade in value and later talk with the dealer about purchase of a new car.

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