Car Dealer Tricks of the Trade

car dealer tricksCar buyers should beware of car dealer tricks and about the dealers adding dubious fees like “protection packages” or “dealer prep” especially if they did not even discuss them with the customer when negotiating the vehicle price!

Very often customers are paying fees for things that are not necessary. Some of these fees include etching the VIN (vehicle identification number) on the car window, rust proofing, fabric protection and others. The dealer makes profit by offering you services for $1000 or more, while he pays only $90 for all these services together.

You do not need battery and tire protection because they are already built-in to your existing new car warranty and “dealer prep” is just getting the vehicle cleaned up so you can drive it off the lot.
Avoid these car dealer tricks by simply refusing to pay for anything that was not originally negotiated when determining the price of the vehicle.