Top Tricks Used by Devious Car Dealers

Buying a car is not a big deal, you might think. You have the check, they have the car. So what’s the problem? In reality, you may end up with a bad car, but the dealer won’t give a fig. Here are top tricks used by devious car dealers you might want to know before you even step into a dealership.


Here is What Devious Car Dealers Do

They play on your lack of knowledge: The average buyers don’t know much about the cars. They can even hardly change the tire. And here comes the dealer with all kinds of useless information about catalytic converters and bumpers that shocks you. Naively enough, you believe every word of the dealer. What else could you do if you don’t understand a word of what he says?

You won’t get what is advertised: You see a car advertised and you like both the car and the price. You hurry to the dealership and find out that the car is sold out. Next, you will be offered a different car at a ‘better’ price. Eventually, you will buy not the car that you want but the car that dealership offers you. This bait-and-switch technique is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

They will tell you this is the only time you can get the deal: Yes, right, this happens often. Once you step in and think about buying a car, the salesman will tell you this is the only time you can get the deal. The color is just only three left state-wide. The price is good only for today. There is another buyer that is interested in the car. These are big lies. Don’t believe them.

They will ask about your monthly payment: The dealer will make sure you get the monthly payment you want, but they will extend the loan term. In the end, you will end up paying more over the long-term. Be sure to know the final price and not the monthly payment. This is one of the tricks car dealers make.

These were just some of the tricks dealers play in order to sell you a car. But what to do if you have already gone into problems with the car dealers? We highly recommend you to talk to knowledgeable attorneys that can advise you how to proceed.


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