avoid odometer fraud

The sad reality now is that one in 10 vehicles in the United States has got a rolled back odometer. Hence, consumers should know how to avoid odometer fraud.

Odometer fraud or odometer rollback is one of the oldest scams practiced both by some dealerships and by private sellers. This scam allows scammers to make a huge profit. Car shoppers may be left with vehicles not worth driving. Hence, if you do not want to become a victim of such fraud, you had better follow the tips given below.

  • Look at the odometer reading and compare the numbers on the dashboard with those in the documents of the vehicle. Ask the dealer to provide you with the original documents of the vehicle, not the duplicates. Make sure that the title’s mileage number is on a clean background. The numbers must be easy to see. Also, make sure you read the title carefully. If the title is from another state or it is brand new, then you may be dealing with a car title washing scam. The thing is that odometer fraud and title washing are two different scams that are quite connected with each other.
  • See how many miles the vehicle has traveled. The thing is that vehicles travel nearly 12,000 miles a year. If a 5-year-old vehicle has fewer than 58,000-60,000 miles, then it may have been rolled back.
  • There is a trick you can use when buying GM cars. The thing is that GM vehicles with mechanical odometers have got black spaces between the numbers. If the spaces are of another color, then be careful not to fall a victim of odometer rollback fraud.
  • Fraudsters sometimes do not manage to perfectly put together the odometer dashboard after rolling back the odometer. So, look at the dashboard to see whether there are any screws missing or not. If screws are missing, then most probably the odometer has been tampered with.
  • Ask to see maintenance records and any other documentation related to the vehicle. Compare the dates and the mileage readings. See whether there are any differences between the odometer readings then and now.

These are some tips to help you avoid odometer fraud. Bookmark our blog for similar updates and tips. Educate yourself with useful information and be ready to face dealer tricks when shopping for a car.