Tips on Buying a Used Car

Tips on Buying a Used Car

Find out how old the car is

The car may look great, but if it is not a new one, it may not be worth purchasing.

Ask for the service records

Having on your hands the service records, you will be able to see how often the oil has been changed, tires balanced and rotated, as well as any leaks or other repairs that might have befallen to your beloved vehicle.

Take the car to your mechanic

In case it is obvious that you are serious about buying the used car, auto dealers never mind if you take the vehicle to your mechanic for a quick engine check.

Open the hood yourself

Check whether the cables are in good shape, there are no leaks, the spark plugs are new and functional, and that the oil is clean. These are good signs that the dealership has already prepped the car for sale.

Take the car for a test drive

While driving the used car out on an open road, try to press the gas pedal to the floor to see if it chokes or lurches at full throttle. In case it does, take the car back to the dealer to look at it to ensure there’s nothing seriously wrong with the car.

Check the brakes

While driving the car; first, check to ensure no one is behind you, and then take the car to a high rate of speed before popping the brakes. This will help you determine their condition and how well the car handles when hitting the brakes quickly.

Older cars have great qualities, and can be great, reliable transportation for a reasonable price. Take the extra time to ensure that your new “gently used” vehicle is not a lemon, and you will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

If all else fails try turning to an experienced car dealer fraud attorney for valuable advice and help.