Tips to Detect Wrecks, Rebuilt and Flood Cars

 flood carsVery often used cars may be wrecked, re-built and then legally re-sold to unsuspecting car buyers. The used car seller can even get a clean title and bill of health and the used car buyer may never know the car had been wrecked and/or “totaled” in an accident!

However, you can still find out the car’s true condition if before the purchase you have it inspected by an independent mechanic.

The cars that have been caught in a flood and later salvaged and cleaned up for re-sale to unsuspecting car buyers are known as flood cars. According to the law, the titles of flood cars are supposed to state that the cars have been under water, but you can’t be sure that the titles held by the used car dealer are legitimate.

The used car dealer may not know the car has been flooded so the only thing you can do to make sure is to inspect used vehicles thoroughly yourself or have a good mechanic do it. It is a good idea to check under the hood for corrosion and look for water lines indicating how high the water level may have reached during a flood. Also, check under the dashboard, seats and floor mats for signs of dirt and/or sand.