If you have saved money for a new car, this means you have been thinking about the mark, color, size of the car. Or you have seen an attractive ad on the billboard about a car for sale with a low price. Often, you may not think the salesmen can deceive you. You may choose one car to buy, but the sales person may start recommending you another one with many features and, of course, with a high price. The salesmen are very experienced in their job and they can use different tricks to make you buy the car they want to sell first.

There are many ways to protect yourself from dealer fraud.

Research, research, research

If you want to buy the car you have seen in the ad, Google it and find as much information about it as possible. Find out what kind of features the vehicle has, what the approximate price is. When the dealer realizes you have not enough information about the car you want, he/she will easily shift your attention from one car to the other. And you may easily become a victim of dealer fraud.

Find out who owns the car 

A very simple fraud is that the dealer can sell a car which does not belong to him/her. Yes, it happens more often than you think. Pay attention to the dealer’s words. If that person tells you that he/she is a proxy or acting on the seller’s behalf, you should be very careful.

Ask a copy for all the contracts you sign

If you want to buy the current car, require a contract. The salesmen may promise you one thing and do something different. To avoid this kind of a problem with dealers, ask them to make an official document. And before signing that contract read it carefully. Then take a copy of it with you.

Know what the real price of the car is

As we have already mentioned, the dealers may write a low price in the ad, and then tell you another price. If you want a specific car, get the pricing information before you visit a car shop. You can find price lists on the internet by searching your state’s sites. Print the list and take it with you to the dealer. While negotiating the price, show him/her you know how much the vehicle is worth.

Never agree to pay for the car in advance. You can just pay a small deposit. This step is a great way to make the seller know you are serious about buying the car. Do not hand over the full amount of money until you drive the car home.

Avoid “Bait and switch”

Bait and switch is a sales tactic in which a customer is attracted by the advertisement of a low-priced item but is then encouraged to buy a higher-priced one. The salesmen use this method to make you believe that you do not want this car, you want the other one which has more features and costs more money than the one you wanted. To avoid bait and switch by a salesperson read the ad carefully, find out if everything is ok with the car.

So, taking into consideration the facts mentioned above, it is easy to protect yourself from dealer fraud. You should take your time and be patient when shopping for a car. Doing your research, negotiating and paying attention to detail can help you avoid becoming a fraud victim.