Things to Consider when Hiring an Auto Dealer Fraud Attorney

Auto dealer fraud is a common type of consumer fraud. Many of the dealer fraud cases  involve not disclosing the vehicle’s “lemon” title, badding unwanted extra contract services and features, bait and switch advertising, financial fraud and many more. If you think you have become a victim of auto fraud, you should consider hiring an experienced Auto Dealer Fraud Attorney.

An experienced attorney will help you win the case and get the compensation you deserve. However, finding a knowledgeable auto dealer fraud attorney is not an easy task. It needs thorough research and planning. Hiring the ‘right’ attorney can save you time and money. There are several things to consider when hiring an auto dealer fraud attorney.


Experience with similar cases

The attorney’s previous experience and familiarity with similar cases is a very important factor to consider. Trusting your case to an attorney with necessary experience in auto fraud cases will ensure better chances of winning the case and getting compensation. The experienced team within The Margarian Law Firm has been handling such cases exclusively and for over 10 years.


Auto Dealer Fraud Attorney: Fees and costs

Dealer fraud attorneys generally work on a contingency fee basis. This is a payment method also known as “no win no fee.” The California consumer law suggests that legal fees are paid, in addition to any recovery, by the dealership once an auto dealer fraud case is evident. If the case is dismissed, the consumer does not have to pay anything. If the case goes to trial, the court will award all legal fees.


Good reputation

Before hiring the attorney, consider his/her previous record. You can ask your state bar association whether the attorney was subject to an ethical complaint or inquiry. Questionable conduct of an attorney can cause you further problems and harm your case.


Flexibility and communication

Effective communication is an important factor in an attorney and client relationships. Take into consideration that the attorney you hired should regularly update you on your case. A client focused attorney will always keep in touch with his/her clients and inform them on different phases of their case. It is important that the auto dealer fraud attorney is flexible with scheduling.  

The Auto Fraud attorneys at The Margarian Law firm have deep experience in solving Auto Dealer Fraud cases. They can provide you with an effective legal counsel and advocacy in Auto Dealer Fraud cases.