The Truth About Program Cars

Program CarsOften in the dealer ads we come across “Program Cars“, which are usually descibed as “Smart Cars,” or “Factory Official Cars” or “Factory Demo’s.” These vehicles are one or two year old vehicles with 30,000 miles or less on the odometer.

However, approximately 70% of “Program Cars” are rental cars, almost 25% are lease returns, a small percentage of “Program Cars” are cars actually driven by factory officials, and a few of them are “Buy Backs” or “Lemons”. In fact, car dealers sell lemon buybacks to their consumers.

Of course you can get a good deal on a “Program Car,” but make sure you check the vehicle history before the purchase. Remember, that Program Cars, as other previously owned vehicles, may have numerous hiden problems and some of thm will need expensive mechanical repairs. Some of these vehicle may have been damaged or declared a total loss in a wreck, or damaged in a storm or by floods.