What Are Technical Service Bulletins?

Actually, car owners need to have the up-to-date information concerning current or potential problems connected with their vehicles. It is vital for ensuring their safety on the road. To achieve this goal you can use technical service bulletins (TSBs), which are valuable tools for any consumer having a vehicle. Typically, a TSB is a communication between the auto manufacturer and its dealerships. The aim is to let the dealerships know about potential faults or failures. So, when do automakers usually issue TSBs? Generally speaking, technical service bulletins are usually issued if there are a lot of unanticipated issues with a car. TSBs mainly refer to a broad range of vehicle issues, including both mechanical and cosmetic problems. Continue reading the article to find out everything that you should know about technical service bulletins.

How can technical service bulletins help car owners?

  • Purchasing a used car

Are you about to buy a used vehicle? In this case, the awareness of technical service bulletins that the automaker issued for the current vehicle is indeed important. So, you and your mechanic will have a clear idea exactly what to focus on during the vehicle inspection. For instance, it may be a faulty armrest, a problematic engine misfire, etc. You may ask the dealership whether this particular issue was addressed related to the vehicle in question.  In case you get a negative answer to your question, use it for your favor. In other words, you may have two options. You can either convince the dealer to fix the vehicle’s issue or reduce the price.

  • Maintaining a vehicle that you own

TSBs are an effective tool to inform you about issues to look out for when your automobile has the warranty. Have you ever thought that the vibration typical of your car is a warning sign that something is wrong? Have you noticed that there is a problem with your vehicle’s tires? The technical service bulletins may help you find the solution to the vehicle’s problem.

What is the difference between technical service bulletins and safety recalls?

It is true that many consumers think that TSBs and safety recalls are the same. However, it isn’t true. The main difference is that unlike safety recalls, TSBs don’t apply to safety-related issues. In addition to that, auto manufacturers don’t have the requirement of notifying car owners about the release of TSBs. Typically, automakers choose to let the consumers know about the issue of TSBs when the problem is indeed widespread. Here is another essential difference between TSBs and safety recalls. In the case of a safety recall, the car owner doesn’t have to pay money. It is not always typical of TSBs. If your vehicle is under the warranty, you can take a breath with ease, as you don’t cover the repair costs. On the contrary, if your vehicle has no warranty, you are responsible for the repair expenses.

How to find out whether there is a TSB issued for your car?

Do you want to find out whether the automaker released any service bulletins for your automobile? You can have an access to this information with the help of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) database. You should also know that in this case, you get for free only TSBs’ summaries. If you believe that your car issue is serious and you need the full report, you may purchase it. The TSB full report can serve as a handy tool. It may assist you in supporting your argument in case the dealership disagrees that there is a problem. Although you have no issue, TSBs may alert you to the problem that may occur in the future.

What type of the information does a TSB contain? 

What is the main characteristic feature of a TSB? Well, TSBs mainly provide the description of the complaint or the problem related to the vehicle. Additionally, you can also find the information concerning the make, as well as model and years that the TSB covers. The list of what you may find in the TSBs includes components of the faulty product, safety recalls, service campaigns, etc. Finally, technical service bulletins also refer to these product types: tires, equipment, vehicles, etc.

Do you want to have a safe ride on the road? Don’t forget to check for TSBs on regular basis. Probably, one of them applies to your vehicle. Even if you don’t experience any issue, it is wiser to stay updated about vehicle-related issues. You can do this with the help of technical service bulletins.