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How to Recognize Auto Dealer Fraud?

An auto dealer fraud refers to deceptive and unlawful practices intentionally used by car dealers in the process of vehicle purchase or lease. Common scams of auto dealers include advertising fraud, odometer rollback, financial deception […]

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How to Prevent Odometer Fraud?

Nowadays a lot of car buyers fall victims of odometer fraud. Very frequently consumers are enchanted by the low price of ‘’flawless’’ used a vehicle. Unfortunately, this automobile may turn into a nightmare and cause […]

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6 Tips to Detect Odometer Tampering

Odometer tampering is a grave problem nowadays and many used car buyers have this sad experience. Why is odometer tampering widespread today? The reason is very simple.  An increased number of fraudulent dealers use this […]

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The Oldest Trick in the Used Car Book: Odometer Rollback Fraud

Old but not gold, odometer rollback fraud is still actual today. One might think that the new technology would make it impossible to roll back an odometer. However, facts show that the unscrupulous sellers always […]

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Considering a Vehicle History Report Before Buying

If you are buying a used car then the first thing you should consider is a vehicle history report. It is a document which provides you with the whole information you need about car’s history. […]

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The Most Common Types of Auto Dealer Fraud You should Beware of

There are various types of dealer fraud since it can occur at different stages of the purchase process. The following are a few common types of dealer fraud that you should be aware of. Salvage […]

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Many Faces of Odometer Fraud

Since the value of a car highly depends on its traveled distance, criminals are using various instruments to roll back the odometer to sell the vehicle at a higher price. Targeted vehicles are mostly new […]

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4 Most Common Dealer Fraud Types

Purchasing a vehicle is the second largest item most people purchase. So when making such an investment one wants to get a vehicle that is worth the price paid. The vehicle should be safe for the […]

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How to avoid Odometer Fraud?

The sad reality now is that one in 10 vehicles in the United States has got a rolled back odometer. Hence, consumers should know how to avoid odometer fraud. Odometer fraud or odometer rollback is […]

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What Is Odometer Rollback Fraud?

Odometer rollback fraud is the experience of rolling back a vehicle’s odometer so that it shows less mileage. The odometer records the mileage of the car since it has left the factory. It reveals the […]

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