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Legal Standards for Proving Dealer Fraud

Auto dealer fraud claims rank among the top 10 of consumer complaints yearly. Generally, an auto dealer fraud is characterized as either an intentional non-disclosure or misrepresentation of unfavorable conditions or car defects. Selling or […]

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Beware of Misleading Car Dealer Ads

Car dealers can be very skillful and misleading when it comes to car advertising. We are sure you’ve seen car ads on TV with a microscopic disclaimer at the bottom of the screen or have […]

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How to Read Between the Lines With Car Ads

Auto dealers flood the media  with a advertisiments that attempt to entice more customers to visit their showrooms. Most car dealers advertise the vehicle financing information along with the car that they are selling because most […]

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FTC stopped Deceptive Advertising of two Dealers

Federal Trade Commission or FTC stopped deceptive advertising of two dealers in the U.S. The dealerships at issue are the Cleveland’s Ganley Ford West Inc. and Timonium Chrysler Inc., Cockeysville, Md. The dealerships were in […]

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How Does a “Bait and Switch” Occur?

One of the sales tactics of car dealers is false or deceptive advertising called “Bait and switch”.  This happens when a car dealer lures potential buyers to the dealership by advertising one vehicle at a […]

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