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Before starting to explore crafty world of vehicle title fraud, we should define what the car title is. Car Title State department of motor vehicles issues a legal document describing car by make and vehicle identification number (VIN) as well as lists its legal owners. This document is called a car title. The Basics of Car Title Fraud When car title is modified in a way distorting the actual condition of the vehicle we have fraud. Title fraud has two varieties. The one is the most evident and a bit trite. Remember any B-Movie or 1970`s cop show where vehicle thieves and fishy used car dealers were pulling the …


Buying a used car can be a risky venture for reasons you didn`t even suspect. When a customer buys a new or used car dealers in most states are entitled to transfer the title into the buyer`s name within certain period of time (usually it`s 30-40 days). If the car dealer doesn`t do it in time, then the vehicle owner has right to cancel the deal according to a Title Defect Law. According to the amendments made to the Title Defect law in a number of states the vehicle owner is entitled to inform the seller that the sale is being cancelled. In the meantime it doesn`t said at …


You will find a lot of content on the web about the many ways that unscrupulous car dealers rip-off their customers. Some things never change and probably never will. A certain percentage of car dealers will always take the low road and try to drag their clientele along with them. Auto dealers, whether deserved or not, do not exactly enjoy the best of reputations. That fact is often reinforced by some car sellers that play tricks on consumers by manipulating various aspects of a vehicle’s title. A vehicle’s title is the crux of a motorist’s stake in their automobile. It represents their interest in a given vehicle. Whatever name …

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A car title purposely misrepresents the car title history for any number of reasons then vehicle title fraud has occurred. The chief basis for car title fraud being actual is because states lack conformity on what constitutes a “salvaged car”. As a vehicle is damaged by a natural disaster, involved in a serious collision, or stripped as a result of theft the insurance company can take possession of the car after reimbursing the insured driver and repair it. Then the car gets a new title which includes the type of damage the vehicle sustained and the vehicle is then often sold at an insurance auction. Vehicle title fraud takes …


Car title fraud is the act of deliberately misrepresenting the car’s title history. This is a big issue in US as the states have different approaches to what constitutes a “salvaged car”. The frequency of car title fraud leaves a heavy stain on the car buying process.


Car title fraud, the act of deliberately misrepresenting the title history of a vehicle, occurs more often than it should. Whenever a vehicle is severely damaged in an accident or by a natural disaster, or stripped of its parts, it is given a new title that includes the type of damage the vehicle sustained. Then it is often sold at an insurance auction. If you purchase your car at an insurance auction and the following happens, you have become a victim of car title fraud: The car is often purchased at a “too good to be true” price because of the car’s damaged history. Known as “title washing,” the …