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“Yo-Yo” Sales or Do Not Sign That Second Contract

Have you purchased a new car and reached an agreement with the dealer to drive it off the lot immediately, without the final approval of financial arrangement? Sorry to disappoint you but the chances are […]

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When Do I Need an Auto Fraud Attorney?

There is a big rise in yearly records of car dealer fraud cases in the U.S.  For instance, it is estimated that the annual value of misrepresentations practiced by car loan organizations was as high […]

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2 Auto Sales Scams You can Avoid Easily!

Unscrupulous car dealers are the nightmare of all car buyers. To avoid falling for various auto sales scams, you need arm yourself with knowledge on popular car buying scams. Most car dealers you’ll interact with […]

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Yo-yo Financing Scam

Yo-yo financing scam, also known as spot delivery fraud, is a rather common practice among car dealerships. Here is how this scam is designed. Customers with below average credit are tricked into driving cars off […]

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You Have Been Sold a Previously Wrecked Vehicle?

Pursuant to California law, if you have been sold is previously wrecked vehicle, you are entitled to recover a full refund and also recover punitive damages and attorneys’ fees and costs from the fraudulent party. […]

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