5 Steps to Protect Yourself From Curbstoning

5 Steps to Protect Yourself From Curbstoning

Very frequently, car shoppers consider purchasing a used vehicle from private sellers. Thus, they may conduct a research using different online sources or seek automobiles on private properties. Do you think that purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller is a relatively easy process? Well, this is not always true, as turning to an unknown seller means taking a serious risk. You can become the victim of curbstoning. What is curbstoning and who are curbstoners? Curbstoning may be defined as the sale of used cars by dealers who pose as private parties. Curbstoners are perfect scam artists, who take this step to evade regulation and increase their profits.

Actually, cubstoning is an illegal practice in many states. As a consequence, you may unknowingly become the owner of a vehicle that has a salvage title. If you want to protect yourself from the curbstoning car scam, you had better take these five steps.

Don’t purchase vehicles from unknown sellers

It is essential to mention that buying vehicles from unknown private sellers on the road is dangerous. In this case, you may come across curbstoners. So, here is a piece of valuable advice: avoid purchasing vehicles that are on the road and have the sign ‘’For Sale.’’ Practice caution when seeing such cars at parking lots, as these are curbstoners’ nests.

Don’t believe in ads that are too good to be true

It is true that some consumers may get quite good deals from advertisements. However, these ‘’alluring’’ ads also serve as excellent tools for curbstoners to attract buyers. Thus, while looking through these ads, don’t hesitate to practice caution. To be more concrete, you can save the telephone number that is mentioned in the current advertisement. Then, you can compare it with numbers of other ads. If you discover that several ads contain the same number, this is a warning sign. Most probably, the author of these advertisements is a curbstoner.

Request the seller to show you the title  

Prior to purchasing any used car, you should have the opportunity of seeing the vehicle’s title. In this way, you can have an access to the information concerning essential facts about the car. If the vehicle has suffered accidents or water damage, you will know about it.

Compare the driver’s name on the license to the name mentioned on the title

When you explore the title of the used automobile, take a close look at the name on the license and the one mentioned on the title. Do these names match? If the names don’t match, this is already a red flag. It means that you are dealing with the curbstoning.

Inspect the car yourself and ask the mechanic to inspect it

Inspecting the vehicle is an inseparable part of the car purchasing process. When inspecting the automobile pay attention to the following:

  • It is a good idea to inspect the automobile in good light. Make sure that no body panels are replaced or repainted.
  • Did you see a slightly rippled reflection while inspecting the vehicle? Watch out, it may indicate that the seller repaired the vehicle.
  • Don’t forget to check under the automobile to ensure that there are no weld seams or missing bolts.
  • Also, examine the undercarriage of the automobile. Look for any signs of leaking oil.

It is also a wise decision to ask a mechanic to carry out a professional inspection. There are some issues about the vehicle that only the professional may notice.

Do you suspect that you have become the victim of the curbstoning car scam? Do you believe that you purchased a vehicle from the dealer who pretends to be a private seller? In this case, you should consult with a good attorney to plan your next step. As a result, a trustworthy professional may get justice for you and help you have your money back.