6 Easy Steps To Spotting Bait And Switch Scam

6 Easy Steps To Spotting Bait And Switch Scam

1.    Step 1

Understand that aim of any bait and switch artist is to get the person inside the store. If you go to purchase a particular car at a certain price, and the car is gone, you may have been lured by bait. Don’t bite. Insist on a rain check for the car. If you can’t get one, leave the store.

2.    Step 2

Play the skeptic. If a price sounds too good to be true, assume that it’s nothing more than bait. For example, a car dealership ad may feature a car at a great price, but you find out it has no special features. Also the advertised monthly payments may be for the longest possible terms or only with the best credit score possible.

3.    Step 3

Beware of vague pricing. If the salesperson will not talk on the car price and just wants to talk about monthly payments, a bait and switch is in progress.

4.    Step 4

Demand to see the originally quoted car. If the salesperson will not produce it, then perhaps it never existed and they are using the bait and switch to sell higher-end merchandise.

5.    Step 5

Research any car before shopping. If you can’t find it at a price remotely as low as the offering, you may be looking at bait.

6.    Step 6

Read the fine print of any advertisement or contract. In the bait and switch, fine print may alter the agreement you thought you were signing. Read each section of an advertisement or contract before signing or buying anything.

We hope these 6 steps will help you avoid becoming a bait and switch victim.