How to Avoid the Spot Delivery Scam

How to Avoid the Spot Delivery Scam

We have already revealed the anatomy of spot delivery scam in our previous article. Now, we are going to share some tips on how to avoid being on the spot.

  1. Car shoppers with credit rating under 680 should arrange outside financing,  approve it and then go to the dealership for new vehicle.
  2. However if you want the dealer to arrange your financing, ask a copy of the confirmation letter which the dealer got from financial organization. This is to be sure that your financing was really approved.
  3. Before signing the contract have it reviewed by your attorney.
  4. Don`t take your new vehicle until you approve your financing,sign the contract signed and  register the car  in your name

Warning Signs of Spot Delivery Scam

  •  The dealer insists on driving the vehicle home before approving the financing.
  • He asks to sign the contract which without properly filling it out.
  • The contract has the provisions stating that the customer is entitled to return the vehicle.
  • Dealer does  not give you a copy of the contract.
  • Financing rate is incredibly good

When You Fell the Victim of Spot Delivery Scam

First of all, there are no reasons to become panic-stricken.  State and federal laws protect consumers from dealers` tricks. In most states the dealer must return the down payment to the customer in case of returning the vehicle.

Contact your lawyer immediately. It`s essential to gel legal advice to learn about your state laws. Hovanes Margarian is a qualified car dealer fraud lawyer who offers free consultations to consumers in such dealer tricks.

Be prepared for battle. Hand all of your paperwork to your lawyer for review. Tell the dealer that you are not going to pay more. Either he keeps the vehicle under the contract terms you agreed, or you are going to get a full refund. Make the dealer realize that you are quite aware of your rights . He will have nothing else to do than honoring the terms of the contract.

Demand full refund. However, if you choose returning the vehicle, demand full refund and nothing less. The dealer will possibly tell you that sales tax cannot be refund. He will also try to deduct charges for the miles you put on the vehicle. Remember, it`s illegal.

Summing up, you should always encounter that there are laws for such cases. And there are excellent lawyers who can use them on your advantage.