Spot Delivery Car Dealer Fraud Revealed

spot delivery

Just because you have filled out and signed all the paperwork at the dealership and roll away with your new car doesn’t mean you own it and can keep driving. Actually, as the consumers’ complaints illustrate, leaving the dealership with the vehicle and keeping it – are two big differences.

In fact, happy buyer signs papers and drives away in his new vehicle only to find out that the financing fell through and they should come back to sign another deal with higher rates or return the car. Customers with low income or tarnished credit are the most vulnerable to spot deliver schemes.

Dealers can tell customers a number of stories as to why they should pay them more money. The sales rep may start with claiming it was an innocent mistake and end with threatening to report the vehicle as stolen. No matter what excuse unscrupulous dealer comes up with, it’s nothing but a scam aimed at money grabbing.

What to do if the dealer is pulling the spot delivery scam.

First, do not panic and do not pay a dime more than agreed upon. Remember, if you signed purchase contract, obtained car insurance, had a new license plate put on the vehicle, then it belongs to you. Keep all copies of all the documents associated with car sale. If the dealer calls you back  to the dealer’s place either don’t go or do it but not in the car you have purchased. In this case the dealer won’t be able to take your car as hostage. Don’t go alone, ask your spouse or a friend to accompany you and witness whatever they will tell you.

If you face a spot delivery fraud, the chances are high that you have legal remedies. Call The Margarian Law Firm at 818.990.0418 to find out whether you have a legally binding contract and what remedies you are entitled to.Dealer fraud lawyer Hovanes Margarian provides a free initial consultation and works on a contingency basis.