6 Signs of Auto Dealer Fraud

Purchasing a used vehicle requires a great deal of research, concentration, and attention to details. As it is known, buying a used car is an effective way of saving money. Thus, you have a great opportunity of driving your dream vehicle. However, sometimes the reality is different from our expectations. Very frequently, consumers find out that they became the victim of auto dealer fraud. So, the vehicle causes a lot of headaches and nightmares, as it fails to provide your safety on the road. With this article, we aim to help you make the right purchasing decision. Take your time and have a close look at these seven red flags that you need to watch out when you purchase a used vehicle.

Freshly painted vehicle

Did you notice that the vehicle looks like it is freshly painted? Did you come across mismatched paint? Watch out, as this is a serious warning sign that you are dealing with an auto dealer fraud. But, what does it mean? Well, most probably, the vehicle in question faced accidents. So, what the dealer attempts to do is concealing this ‘’minor secret.’’ Thus, the wisest step is checking the entire surface of the vehicle in a proper way. You should look for spots where the vehicle is shinier.

A vehicle has a salvage title

Usually, when the vehicle endures flood damages or is totaled in a wreck, the insurance company may purchase it. These vehicles gain a salvage title and dealers must disclose this information to car shoppers. To avoid appearing in such a situation, you should explore the title attentively. If you fail to do it, you may become the owner of a car that can put your life in danger.

Too alluring financial offer

Usually unethical dealers, who aim to sell a lemon vehicle, create irresistible advertisements. These ‘’perfect’’ deals succeed in attracting many people. So, you should practice caution with ads that are too good to be true. In most cases, it turns out that you became the victim of auto dealer fraud. Even if the vehicle’s price is affordable, you may waste your financial means to repair it. At this point, you should conduct a research to learn about the market value of the current vehicle.

A skimpy warranty

Very often dealers may offer a very affordable price for a vehicle and offer consumers a skimpy warranty. The warranty may seem generous at first sight. Later you may discover that what the warranty covers isn’t what you expected. As a consequence, you may end up spending a huge sum of money to repair the vehicle. That’s why; don’t forget to read the fine print very carefully.

The vehicle has ‘’dark’’ past

It is true that unscrupulous dealers may conceal the vehicle’s real history report. For instance, a used vehicle looks so well that you may have no idea about its previous ‘’adventures.’’ Later you can discover that you suffered from the auto dealer fraud. Unethical dealer failed to disclose that the vehicle has mechanical problems, as it experienced accidents. To prevent such situations, consider having the vehicle report prior to purchasing it. Feel free to use the services of Carfax and Autocheck, which can reveal essential facts concerning the vehicle.

In conclusion, you should pay attention to the above mentioned red flags to avoid falling the victim of the auto dealer fraud. Don’t allow dishonest dealers to make a fortune at your expense.