Selling a used Vehicle as New

selling a used vehicle as newSelling a used vehicle as new is a common type of auto dealer fraud. When a private seller sells a car it is obvious that he/she has bought the car from someone else previously. Things are different when a dealer sells a car. Be careful not to fall a victim of such a dealer scam as selling a used vehicle as new.

Why do dealers need to lie to buyers about the car’s previous use by selling a used vehicle as new? The answer is that used vehicles are sold at much lower prices than the new ones. Also, new cars are often more attractive for vehicle buyers than the used ones. Let’s now see what are the main disadvantages of buying a used car?

  • Used vehicles come without a warranty. Some dealers usually suggest buying an extended warranty or a service contract with the car. However, if the car turns out to be a lemon, it cannot be covered under the lemon law unless it has a manufacturer warranty with it. This is the main reason why people prefer to buy new cars rather than used ones.
  • Used car buyer will never be fully aware of the previous life of his/her vehicle. The car may have belonged to different people and it is not easy to find out what problems or defects it has had.
  • Used cars require more care than the new ones. So people usually prefer buying new cars to avoid the hassle connected with frequent repairs for at least the first few years.
  • Old vehicles are hard to be traded-in or sold, so if you want to be able to sell your car, later on, you must buy a new car or a used car that is relatively new.

Get legal help

As you can see, many people would prefer buying a new car instead of a used one. It is profitable for some car dealers to defraud you by selling a used vehicle as new. If you think you have been sold a used car instead of a new one, contact the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian for legal help. Call us toll-free at 818.990.0418.