Beware of The Salvage Title Car Scam

Generally speaking, used car buyers should be careful when purchasing a vehicle. The reason is that some car dealers fail to disclose essential facts concerning the automobile. For instance, you may purchase ‘’a perfect vehicle’’ but later deal with an unpleasant surprise. It turns out that your used automobile faced accidents and has serious problems. So, consumers regret making the purchase, as they spend huge amounts of money for repairing the automobile. In most cases, dealers conceal that the vehicle has a salvage title. That’s why; used car buyers should pay attention to details and educate themselves to prevent the salvage title car scam. We aim to help you protect yourself from purchasing salvage title cars.

What is a salvage title?

First of all, you need to understand what the salvage title vehicle is. Usually, any vehicle in the U.S. has a title. The state motor vehicle agency is the body that issues vehicle’s titles. What kind of information does this document contain? In fact, it is the evidence of the vehicle’s ownership. Additionally, it also refers to the vital piece of information concerning each vehicle. In case the car is declared ‘’salvage’’, this means that the vehicle in question is no longer roadworthy. In other words, it has endured accidents, floods, fire, etc. However, it is worth to point out that the definition of the salvage title is different from state to state.

Whenever the insurance company declares that the vehicle is a total loss, the vehicle may be issued a salvage title. However, it is also true that in some states, salvage title doesn’t always show that it was damaged. In this case, it may also mean that the car was stolen. It is true about states, like Florida, Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico, etc.

What is a salvage title car scam?

The salvage title car scam occurs when the dealer doesn’t reveal that the vehicle has a salvage title. Actually, selling salvage title vehicles is not illegal, if the potential buyer is aware of the automobile’s actual title. Sadly, in some cases, certain unethical dealerships don’t disclose the information related to the vehicle’s title. A lot of unsuspecting consumers purchase an increased number of salvage titles every year. As a result, unsafe vehicles appear on the roads and endanger car occupants’ lives. The truth is that dealers succeed in making cheap repairs and making salvage title vehicles look ‘’flawless.’’ Furthermore, they also change the title documents and cheat consumers. Thus, not all car buyers notice that something is wrong with the vehicle through visual inspection.

Which are the common types of the salvage title car scam?  

There are certain types of scams concerning salvage title cars. One of the widespread salvage title car scams is the title washing. What are the typical features of the title washing? This car scam occurs when the dealers transport a salvage title vehicle from one state to another. Later scammers register the car in another state and of course ‘’forget’’ to mention the vehicle’s real title. In case the vehicle is exported, the documentation won’t show the automobile’s ‘’past life. Another fraud related to salvage title cars is car clipping. You should know that you are dealing with the car clipping if many damaged cars are sawed apart and welded together. Usually used car buyers find it difficult to detect clipped vehicles.

How to avoid salvage title car scam?

Are you planning to purchase a used car? Don’t hesitate to request the title document. You should explore it very attentively. Pay a special attention to the wording. In some cases, it may serve as the indicator of the salvage title. If you come across words, like junked, totaled or rebuilt, it is a serious reason for concern. In certain states, a specially colored paper is typical of salvage title vehicles. Look for the signs of physical alteration. The wisest decision for any used car buyer is obtaining the vehicle history report of the automobile in question.

It may answer many of your questions regarding the vehicles ‘’life’’ in the past. You can get this information with the help of the Carfax. Finally, when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, the professional inspection is important. Contact a reliable mechanic who can examine the vehicle in detail and let you know about the automobile’s condition. Also, don’t forget to test drive the vehicle prior to purchasing it. It is an inseparable part of car purchasing process and helps the car shopper get to know the automobile.

In conclusion, you should keep in mind that you have the right to know about the vehicle’s actual title before buying it. The above-mentioned information can help you prevent the salvage title car scam and protect yourself and your loved ones.