Which are The Top 8 Safest Cars ?

It goes without saying that any person wants to purchase a safe and reliable car. This means that the vehicle’s safety equipment, as well as fuel efficiency, impact the car shopper’s decision making process greatly. It is worth to note that dependability is also on the list of essential factors. If the vehicle is constructed in a proper way, you feel greater confidence while on the road. Additionally, with a high-quality vehicle, you don’t have to spend your savings on repair costs. Sometimes consumers make up their minds to obtain a new car, but they feel confused. The reason is that nowadays there is a wide variety of cars available in the auto market. Most of them come with sophisticated safety features. But which one to choose? Which are the safest cars? You no longer have to worry or feel frustration. Your search is over.

Here is the list of the top 10 safest cars in the auto market. It is based on the vehicles’ crash test and safety packages.

Toyota Avensis Tourer

Toyota Avensis Tourer has a leading position on this list. It is no surprise for anyone that this vehicle is among the safest cars. Toyota Avensis Tourer has five stars over safety test. Another essential thing about the vehicle is that it has earned the special award by the Euro NCAP. It is known as ‘’the Safety Award’’ and shows that the car provides owners with an increased level of safety.

 Volvo XC90

There is no doubt that you expected Volvo to appear here. Volvo has produced a lot of vehicles that have advanced safety features. A lot of consumers throughout the world give their preference to the Volvo XC90. It has succeeded in earning five stars in the safety tests. Actually, here is a quite impressive feature of the car. In fact, both active safety concepts, as well as passive safety concepts show an equally high level of activeness. Furthermore, Volvo XC90 has the capability of sensing the approaching vehicle. Also, the vehicle’s automatic brakes are applied.  Thus, according to crash tests, Volvo XC90 has shown really amazing results. That’s why it can be referred to as a ‘’master of safety.’’

Volvo S60

As a matter of fact, Volvo car brand earned a great reputation in the auto market. So, this is all due to sophisticated safety aspects. Great safety measures help the Volvo S60 earn five stars. If you are about to purchase a safe vehicle, the Volvo S60 is a perfect choice. It can exceed even the most demanding car owner’s expectations.

Acura ILX

Do you want to enjoy a safe ride? Well, you can do it only with a dependable vehicle. The Acura ILX is one of the safest cars. According to the Road Safety Departments, the Acura ILX deserves the ‘’honor’’ of having five stars in terms of safety. The vehicle is characterized by 2.4 L and 201 horses, about 60% of consumers prefer this vehicle.

 Toyota Avalon

Of course, we have come to Sedans, which are among the safest cars in the world.  Regarding the safety measure of the Toyota Avalon, it has four and a half star. The performance of this vehicle is really great. So, we would like to refer to reliable exterior and interior. As a rule, Toyota devotes a lot of efforts to produce safe cars. If you want to become the owner of a safe sedan, purchasing this vehicle is a sound decision.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz also has four and a half stars. Hatchbacks of 2016 succeeded in offering car owners high safety standards. Now, these vehicles are enjoying a positive reputation among car owners.

Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper of 2016 eliminated the opinion that small vehicles are vulnerable. According to the information that the safety departments provide, the vehicle has four stars. The typical features of the Mini Cooper 2016 are 1.5 L engine and 134 horses. As the crash tests show the performance of both airbags and the internal inertia is appropriate. So, in the event of a car crash, the car occupants will be safe.

Scion IA

The Scion IA of the Toyota automaker is also one of the safest cars. According to the results of the crash tests, the vehicle can boast with high-level safety features. To put simply, it can save the car occupants from many damages in case of accidents. The vehicle’s child seat anchor latches are impressive. However, if the automaker makes more changes, child seat anchor latches will be perfect.

Thus, we hope that the above-mentioned collection of the safest cars will help you make the right buying decision. Safety is the most important factor for any person nowadays. With a reliable vehicle, you can avoid putting your and your loved ones’ lives into danger. Choose the vehicle that is dear to your heart and enjoy safe driving.