People make a very expensive decision when they want to buy or lease a new or used motor vehicle. Here are some warnings of car dealer scams that will help you to get a good deal and meanwhile not to be ripped off.

Warning 1
Good Price Only for One Day

When you go to dealership to see the car advertised you will enter into negotiation. During the negotiation you’ll be told that the price for the very vehicle is good only for that day (usually they say till the end of the month). Don’t believe it and don’t let the dealer to rip off! Just wait and you will see that the price can be even lower than at the current moment.


Warning 2
Avoid Car Title Washing Scams

This type of a car dealer scam is mostly used by independent used car dealers. This scam isn’t used by big used car stores or new car dealerships to rip off vehicle consumers.

Car title washing is usually done during the registration procedure of it which aims to help the car title to get rid of its questionable history that can considerably lower market price of the vehicle. This is done in case the vehicle has been stolen and stripped, flooded, wrecked and repaired or damaged in a way that it considerably affects the vehicle market price.

To protect yourself from being ripped off, buy used cars from reputable sellers and always get a car title history.

If you want to know more tips on this topic, then periodically read our blog and you won’t be ripped off by the car dealers.

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