How to Recognize Auto Dealer Fraud?

An auto dealer fraud refers to deceptive and unlawful practices intentionally used by car dealers in the process of vehicle purchase or lease. Common scams of auto dealers include advertising fraud, odometer rollback, financial deception and so on. No one is guaranteed from becoming the victim of shrew car dealers. Recognizing the dealer fraud in time will prevent you from having a lot of problems. Here are some tips to help to identify or disclose most common car dealer fraud cases.

Financial terms: Usually car buyers pay too much attention to the design or color of the car and ignore financial terms. Financial terms suggest interest rates, fees, late charges and some other expenses of the credit. To make buyers avoid sticker shock, shrew dealers intentionally hide financial details. To avoid financial scam, make sure to get detailed financial information on your purchase and never sign a contract with blank financial terms. If you are not certain you can properly handle all the financial information, a good auto dealer fraud lawyer will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and prevent financial dealer fraud.

Odometer fraud: Falsifying the odometer mileage readings is illegal, yet it is a widely used trick by auto dealers. This is done to make a used car look new or have less wear than it actually does. There are a number of ways to recognize odometer fraud. For example, it is known that a car average is about 12.000 miles a year, so if the car you want to buy is 5 years old and has fewer than 60.000miles, it can be a sign of an odometer rollback. However, if you are already a victim of an odometer fraud, applying to an experienced auto dealer fraud attorney will be the best thing to do. The auto dealer fraud attorneys at the Margarian Law firm are ready to put their long and successful experience to work for you.

Bait and switch advertising: This auto dealer fraud trick lies in offering the consumers an appealing deal and then changing the deal when consumers make direct inquiries. Once the consumer is there, he/she finds out that the advertised car is either not available or the consumer is pressured by salespeople to consider similar, but a higher-priced option. Reading the fine print of the ad will help you recognize the fraud in time and refrain you from becoming the victim of shrew car dealers. However, if the deal was so attractive that you were unable to resist and unconsciously was trapped by shrew car dealers, a skilled dealer fraud attorney can assist you to protect your rights as a consumer.

Anyway, if you had difficulty to recognize the dealer fraud in time and became victimized by shrewd auto dealers, contact the experienced and skillful auto dealer fraud attorneys at the Margarian Law firm. They will devote all their time, energy and knowledge to maximize the recovery for the harm caused by auto dealer fraud and achieve justice for you.