Re-selling Lemon Law Buyback Vehicles

Re-selling Lemon Law Buyback Vehicles

First of all, let’s make it clear what “lemon law buyback title” means. This title is given to any vehicle that has been proven to be a lemon law buyback. The title shows that the vehicle was/is a lemon and it was repurchased by the manufacturer or the dealer because it had irreparable problems and defects.

It is clear that no one would buy lemon law buyback vehicles from a dealer. That’s the reason why some dealers nowadays practice a scam which is called re-selling non-disclosed lemon law buyback vehicles.

This unlawful practice of the dealers to re-sell lemon law buyback vehicles started from the year 1996 when the states required that the manufacturers resell these vehicles in their full purchase price. But the thing is that the dealers started reselling the cars without disclosing the fact that they are lemons. Car buyers at that time had no opportunity to acquire vehicle history reports and these vehicles travelled freely from one state to another to be sold to unsuspected buyers.

To be able to stop these unlawful practices by some dealers and manufacturers, the states enacted legislation which required that all the lemon law buyback vehicles got the following title; “lemon law buyback title” which clearly indicated the car’s condition and showed its history. Any dealership that sells such kind of vehicle without disclosing it has to face the law.

You can easily find out whether the car you are going to buy is a lemon buyback or not by just looking at the “Remarks” section in the car-related documents. Besides, all car manufacturers and dealers are required to stick a notification informing the potential buyers about the car’s condition. The notification should clearly state that the car has the lemon buyback title. The vehicle should bear at least two such notifications; either on the driver’s window or the door itself, or on the windshield. The notification should be clearly noticed and easily readable.

Also, the law requires the dealerships to provide information about the car’s title, not only when asked by the buyers, but also when the buyers’ do not ask anything at all. The information should include why the vehicle is titled a lemon, what defects it has/had and much more.

If you suspect that you or people you know have been sold a lemon law buyback car, then contact us, our auto dealer fraud attorneys will deal with your case and return your money back.