Prior Rental Cars

rental carsMost of the time rental cars are sold when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. These vehicles are often sold at auctions and are bought by major dealers. You have probably seen the television commercial in which tourists in Hawaii abuse their car with the punch line “it’s only a rental.” Pursuant to California law requirements the rental history shall be clearly identified as such. If the car dealer fails to disclose prior rental history of the car it may be a fraud.

Remember, the more you know about the car, the better. When buying a car feel free to ask questions to your dealer. Always have the car you intend to buy inspected by an independent mechanic before you purchase. The Vehicle Code requires that dealers post notices telling the purchaser that they may, at their own expense,” have the vehicle inspected by an independent third-party either on or off these premises.”

This is the right of a consumer and there are many mechanics who will come out to the lot to do the inspection. If the dealer balks; first, its against the law, and second, its probably a sign of things to come.