Some Witty Car Dealer Scams

Some Witty Car Dealer Scams

Most people hate going car shopping because they have heard so much about the innumerable car dealer scams. In this blog you may learn about some seemingly innocent, but rather witty dealer scams.

Today Only Price Car Dealer Scam

This car dealer scam works till you are at the car dealer, but have not bought a new car yet. The dealer will give you a great price and will tell you that the price is only good until the end of the day. Such car dealer scams usually make the buyers think it is a great deal and end up buying the car without checking what other car dealers have to offer for fear of missing out on the great price they offered.

Throw It In Car Dealer Scam

For sweetening the deal and softening you up on price the dealer will offer to give you extras like floor mats, window etching, fabric protection and other accessories. This largely practiced scam will slow down the price issue negotiations and take your attention away from the price and make you feel that you got something of value.

The Puppy Dog Car Dealer Scam

The dealer will allow you to take the car overnight. The idea is to get you to experience ownership for a much longer period of time than a test drive.  Then you can see the car in your garage or driveway, your neighbors can see it, your friends see it, and you start to form an attachment to the car and end up buying.

Best Price Matching Car Dealer Scam

If the car dealer doesn’t manage to sell you a car while you are there, they will tell you just before you leave to visit other dealers that they will match or beat any price that you will get anywhere. By this time, you are most likely sick and tired of looking around and dealing with car salesmen and various car dealer scams that you will take their offer.