Consequences of Previous Accident Non-disclosure

Consequences of Previous Accident Non-disclosure

Car misrepresentation or previous accident non-disclosure is a serious crime that many car dealers practice. There are several different types of vehicle nondisclosure, they include;

  • Improper certification of pre-owned vehicles
  • Vehicle odometer rollback
  • Selling previously damaged, salvaged, flooded and/or wrecked cars without proper disclosure
  • Advertising unnecessary add-ons and accessories
  • Extended warranty fraud
  • Non-disclosure of the car’s previous taxi use, etc.

Previously damaged or wrecked cars are usually sold without proper disclosure on the part of the dealers. These are the deals that make the fraudsters richer and put the lives of car buyers at risk.

Following are the risks and dangers posed by previously damaged cars;

  • Cars with previous frame damage may have structural problems.
  • After a strong collision vehicles become difficult to handle. They may even undergo brake failure.
  • Previously water damaged cars may have electrical supply problems, engine failure, airbag problems, air-conditioning system problems
  • Previously wrecked or damaged cars do not usually have air bags. Very often, the rebuilders of the vehicle disable the airbag system.

As you can see, previous accident non-disclosure is a serious auto dealership fraud. Vehicles with previous accident history may be impossible to handle thus resulting in serious accidents and injuries.

Most common car crash injuries involve;

Internal organ injuries

Injuries and traumas of kidneys, lungs and intestines, as well as internal bleeding can be caused by the collision. Internal bleeding must be stopped immediately; otherwise it may result in death.

Brain injuries

A brain injury may be the result of a strong collision. When the skull hits the dashboard or the window or some other hard material it may undergo serious injuries. Brain injuries may cause serious health problems or death.

Spine injuries

Car cash may also result in spine injuries. The most common and severe types of them are whiplash, ruptured spinal discs and so on.

The consequences of previous accident non-disclosure may be irreparable. If you or someone you know has undergone such fraud, turn to the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian for legal aid.