Certified Pre-owned Vehicle Fraud: How To Avoid It?

Certified Pre-owned Vehicle Fraud: How To Avoid It?

Pre-owned vehicle fraud occurs when buying a used car. This mainly involves vehicle misrepresentations during the car advertising and selling processes. Examples of car misrepresentations may involve:

  • Undisclosed frame damage

This is when the car’s skeleton, its frame is damaged (which is extremely dangerous) and the dealership fails to inform the vehicle buyers about this vital issue.

  • Undisclosed Salvage Title

This involves advertising and selling previously wrecked, flooded or majorly damaged vehicles without letting the buyers know about the car condition.

This involves rolling back the odometer to be able to conceal its actual mileage. As we all know, cars with low mileage readings are sold at higher prices as they are considered to have been used less than other cars with higher mileage readings.

  • Selling vehicles as certified when in reality they are not

This is another common type of pre-owned vehicle fraud. First of all let’s understand what “certified” inspection means. This is the type of inspection that the car dealership performs. It must be a thorough inspection that will give a guarantee to the vehicle buyers. People buying certified pre-owned cars feel safer as they know their cars do not have any major problems.

So, it is the dealership that performs the inspection and declares the car as “certified”. In the event of lying about the fact of certification i.e. trying to sell vehicles as “certified” when in reality they are not, or trying to sell vehicles that are not fully checked, the car dealerships can justifiably be accused of practicing pre-owned vehicle fraud.

How to avoid vehicle certification fraud? Following are some tips to do that;

  • Use the services of AutoCheck or CarFax to get the vehicle history reports
  • Let a certified mechanic inspect the car
  • Perform your own visual inspection
  • Inquire about the certification program the dealership has used to perform the vehicle certification

There are different ways to avoid pre-owned vehicle fraud and more concretely vehicle certification fraud. However, if you have not managed to protect yourself beforehand, our skilled CA dealer fraud lawyers will do that for you. Turn to the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian for legal help.