Failure to disclose a vehicle history report is another type of auto dealer fraud. This is a fraud type that is exclusively practiced by auto dealers, as no private seller will ever be required to provide their customers with a vehicle history report.

In order for you to understand why some dealers need to practice such a fraud, let us tell you what a vehicle history report is.

A vehicle history report is number one tool to help you search about the history of the vehicle. Failure to disclose a vehicle history report means that the car has had some vague history and it may not conform to the quality standards your dealer is telling you about.

Usually, people turn to the help of CarFax or Autocheck for comprehensive and quality vehicles history reports. These two are online databases that provide valuable information about the car’s previous life; they may tell you about whether the car you are to buy:

  • Is a flood damaged vehicle
  • Has got a salvage title
  • Has got its odometer rolled back
  • Has been involved in a minor or major accident
  • Is a previous taxi, limo or rental car
  • Has suffered fire
  • Has been stolen and much more

In order for you to check your vehicle history report, you just need to register in one of the above mentioned sources and pay some money online. Then you will get access to the information for a limited number of days. You must enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) of your car in the space provided and just read everything connected with that certain car.

Usually, people do not check the vehicle history report on their own; instead, they ask the dealer to do it for them. This prepares good ground for the dealer to practice the fraud called “failure to disclose a vehicle history report”. A dealer may provide you with a false report, or he/she may conceal relevant car related information from you.

If you have been a victim of such a fraud, contact the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian immediately. We will evaluate your case and provide you with proper legal help.