Online Car Fraud. How To Avoid It?

Online Car Fraud. How To Avoid It?

Online car fraud has become very popular on car auction listings. Much of this online fraud is from overseas. Don’t rely on the seller’s country of origin or feedback as profiles are bought and sold over the internet. Someone from oversees can easily use a bought or even stolen Ebay profile with great feedback to attract unsuspecting buyers. They copy some photos from the internet and put an unbelievably “great” price on the listing to make a quick dollar on naïve car buyers.

Here are some signs of possible online car fraud.

1) Poor English throughout the listing description.

2) Fraudulent escrow services. (See if there is any contact information available and try to contact them).

3) Emails that don’t go through Yahoo or Ebay Auctions. Many of these fraudulent transactions occur because someone emails a bidder that is not the winning bidder and tells them that is the winning one. Note that all Ebay transactions will have winning bidder notifications through the Ebay email system.

4) Also watch out for fraudulent promises. Car salespeople at car dealerships are notorious for this. Make sure the car has the warranty you desire and do not believe the salesperson until you see everything in writing.

5) Inspections and Emissions. Whether the car can pass inspection in your state or not is rather important since every state has its own inspection and emission requirements. It is possible that a car has somehow passed an inspection in one state but cannot pass it in another.

6) Undisclosed flood and frame damage. Unscrupulous car dealers are selling crashed cars and flooded cars without properly listing damages and repairs.

So, to avoid online car fraud be careful and do your homework. For further questions concerning this issue contact our experienced car attorney.